Dr. Lynn Rosen offers a highly personalized approach tailored to each client’s individual theraputic needs. Her mission is focused on empowering each client to achieve the emotional and behavioral growth they would like to attain for a healthy lifestyle. Her services span from marriage, individual and family counseling in a comfortable, compasionate and supportive atmosphere.

Treatment specialization includes:

Discernment Counseling:

Dr. Rosen offers discernment counseling which is an option for couples that want to make a final decision about divorce. This type of therapy is an avenue for “mixed agenda” couples where one partner is leaning towards divorce, and the other is trying to preserve the relationship.

The main goal for this type of counseling is to determine if problems in the relationship can be solved. It can help both partners to see their contributions to the relationship problems at hand. This type of therapy involves individual conversations with each partner since they have different agendas and needs.

Discernment counseling can be as long as five sessions or as brief as one. The couple can decide each time if they would like to come back for another 1.5 to 2 hour session. Couples can gain a deeper understanding of what has occurred in their relationship. This type of counseling will help the couple with deciding to either end or restore the relationship to good health.